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Tundish is an equipment used in metal casting to make it from high strength materials and in the casting process to transfer molten steel from a steel crucible to a mold. A middle container called Tundish is used. Tundish acts as an intermediary between the pan and the mold, when the tundish is full, the nozzles are opened and the steel is poured into the copper molds that are located under the tundish. And it has a chamber lined with refractory materials and containing molten steel with minimal heat loss. The choice of refractories in tundish is important for reasons such as longer casting sequence, faster re-preparation time of tandish and cleanliness of steel, and Jahan Sanat Company (JSK) is able to manufacture tundish and provide it according to samples to all smelting and casting factories. be.

Important components of tundish

Includes the following components:

Benefits of using our products

Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Company is a knowledge-based company relying on the knowledge of local forces, which has been manufacturing most of the equipment and parts of rolling lines during its several years of activity. As a tundish manufacturer in Iran, we can supply design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of equipment with full engineering services from 0-100. We can also design, produce and modify other non-standard requirements according to users’ needs.

Specifications of Tundish

Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Company has the ability to produce all kinds of smelting tundish with standard technical specifications and according to your needs in the shortest possible time.

Advantage of Tundish iron smelting

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