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Fly Shear

After completing the rolling operation of steel sections, due to the increase in the length of the metal during the rolling operation, it is inevitable to cut the product according to the ordered lengths. Market. In this regard, one of the methods of cutting the product after production is the use of Fly Shear, which is used for low investment. Its most important feature is cutting the product during production and handling, and its most important advantage is reducing the length of the production hall.

Its dimensions, type and material. The final product and the linear speed of product production are one of the effective factors in the design of various elements of propeller scissors, including the design of the gear and its center, the type of gearbox body, the choice of bearings and the choice of the type of drive system and…

Discussing the timing of scissor movement is important, which should be done at the best possible time. Due to the product movement speed and the scissor rotation speed, therefore, its automation is significant. The required calculations for these scissors are also done based on the amount of power required for cutting, and based on that, the required motor and the specifications of the blades are determined, and based on these calculations, the steps of making and assembling the Fly Shear are done.

Important components of Fly shear

Includes the following components:

Benefits of using our products

Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Company is a knowledge-based company relying on the knowledge of local forces, which has been manufacturing most of the equipment and parts of rolling lines during its several years of activity. As a professional Fly Shear manufacturer in Iran, we can provide design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of equipment with full engineering services from (0-100). We can also design, produce and modify other non-standard requirements according to users’ needs.

Specifications of Fly Shear

Features of Fly Shear

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