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Industrial gearbox

Industrial gearboxes mainly work as reduction gearboxes, which provide the necessary conditions for the desired process by reducing the speed and increasing the torque. In the rolling industry, this process is the same as the operation of changing the form of sections by stands.

The gearboxes manufactured by this company are two or multi-stage depending on their coefficient and include several axles and gears along with bearings and other requirements, which after the appropriate design of the axles and gears are assembled in the desired shell and is used.

In Jahan Sanat kermanshah company gearboxes, are offered in different designs and shapes and also in different sizes according to the working capacity. Among the gearboxes made by this company, we can mention helical and snail gearboxes.

Important components of the industrial gearbox

Includes the following components:

Benefits of using our products

Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Company is a knowledge-based company relying on the knowledge of local forces, which has been manufacturing most of the equipment and parts of rolling lines during its several years of activity. As a professional industrial gearbox manufacturer in Iran, we can provide equipment design, manufacture, installation and commissioning with full engineering services from (zero to hundred). We can also design, produce and modify other non-standard requirements according to users’ needs.

Technical specifications of industrial gearbox

Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Company has the ability to produce all kinds of gearboxes with standard technical specifications and according to your needs in the shortest possible time.

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