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The slidegate system has two types of hydraulic and pneumatic operation systems, which play a controlling role in the process of transferring molten materials from the ladle-metallurgy to the tundish. The slide gate system is installed in the lower part of the pot and by changing the size of the inlet port, it directs a uniform flow of melt into the tundish at a controllable speed.

The easy sliding and moving of the slidegate plates side by side is one of the important things in this product that should be paid attention to at the time of design. We at Jahan Company Sanat Kermanshah has made these plates using a special material (with fireproof and anti-wear properties). A special design to minimize the amount of friction between the plates also minimizes the wear and tear of consumable parts and the device has a longer life.

Important items in the design of the slide gate system

Important components of the slide gate device

Includes the following components:

Benefits of using our products

Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Company is a knowledge-based company relying on the knowledge of local forces, which has been manufacturing most of the equipment and parts of rolling lines during its several years of activity. As a professional slidegate manufacturer in Iran, we can supply design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of equipment with full engineering services from (zero to hundred projects). We can also design, produce and modify other non-standard requirements according to users’ needs.

Slidegate specifications

Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Company has the ability to produce all kinds of slidegate with standard technical specifications and according to your needs in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of Jahan Sanat Kermanshah Slidegate System

Based on the things mentioned above, the system must be able to have all the necessary aspects, which requires issues such as the proper selection of dimensions and materials in the construction, the design of the hydraulic system suitable for operation.The construction of this part is very sensitive because any failure or leakage of this equipment will cause the molten material inside the ladle-metallurgy to fall from a high height and cause irreparable losses.

Ladle Slide gate lea

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